We are always oriented towards quality service, tastes that always remain in the memory and hospitality that characterizes our country. This is our mission, service of taste and hospitality.




Better ingredients, better pizza – it’s not a slogan. It’s a way of life. John Schnatter Perberes  sa me te mire per nje pice shume te mire, ky nuk eshte thjeshte nje sllogan , kjo eshte nje menyre te jetuarit.




Giardino Della Pace comes as the realization of a project and a dream to bring a taste of Italy in the city of Lezha. The concept of a pizzeria that combines good taste, quality service and a modern atmosphere makes up all the components that bring to life Giardino Della Pace.

We started this journey with a dream and a desire to bring innovation to our dishes and to meet all the requirements and expectations of our loyal customers. We are happy that in these years we have always brought quality and pleasure that can be easily read in all the kindness our customers give us every day.

Always with the desire for the best taste and combining it with the modern place  and quality service, Giardino Della Pace opens the door to become a primary and main destination. With great pride, we confirm that it is the favorite destination for the citizens of Lezha and for the many tourists visiting our wonderful city.

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We introduce the head of our kitchen. With a long experience in the field of culinary specialties and specializing in Italian cuisine, it brings to you the amazing taste of various pizzas, ready to be enjoyed by all of you. With over 10 years of experience in the most popular Italian cuisine kitchens, brings you all Pizza Lovers the extraordinary flavors of diverse pizzas. Creativity and the desire to always bring new flavors to our pies, we are happy to be part of our kitchen and also part of our daily success in delivering a great service. Bringing a good pizza is not just a quality service, but as our boss himself says, cooking a pizza is an art of its own, art that consists of experience, desire for beauty and wonderful taste. Motorbike and singing “A PIZZA SLICE  A DAY KEEPS SADNESS AWAY”

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